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Microsoft Adds 3D Imagery Of 15 New Cities To The Bing Maps Preview App For Windows 8.1


Fitbit recalls Force smart band following skin irritation complaints


Fitbit is recalling its Fitbit Force smart fitness wristband following skin irritation reports from various users, after initially offering replacement devices or refunds to those people affected by the unexpected skin rashes. The company will reimburse buyers, and plans to release a new Force model that will hopefully not cause similar side effects from sustained wear, TechCrunch reports.

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The only app you’ll ever need to beat parking tickets


One of the less enjoyable parts of living in a city comes when you go to your car and see a brightly colored parking ticket envelope slapped onto your windshield. Sure you can always contest your parking tickets but doing so means you’ll have to waste a lot of time filling out paperwork or going into traffic court. This is one reason why a lot of parking tickets simply go unchallenged.

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Here’s why you should double-check your Facebook privacy settings before you die


Facebook on Friday announced a new privacy change that will affect the accounts of users who pass away. Instead of only letting deceased users’ friends access their accounts as it did before, Facebook will now keep those accounts’ default privacy settings unchanged. In other words, a dead person who had a public profile will have their profile stay public even after death, Facebook revealed.

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Meet Hyv, A Startup That Can’t Wait For Phone Unlocking To Be Made Legal

Hedge Fund Rising

WhatsApp Is Down, Confirms Server Issues [Update: It’s Back After A 210-Minute Outage]

Great minds are needed.

Yesterday Apple Fixed A Bug In iOS 7. It’s A Doozy


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