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Quality Thinking

Growth Within You.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner Sermon on Sunday
Title: Turn Up!!
1st Corinthians 13
1. Growth happens when you stretch yourself beyond what you would usually do.
2. You grow most tired by simply standing still.
3. Repetition doesn’t make likes true
4. The only difference between souring and soaring is U!
Four things that perpetuate a rut:
1. Wrong philosophy
2. Wong habits
3. Wrong associations
4. Inaction
1. If you are the smartest person in your circle, your circle is too small.
2. Not everyone in your inner circle should agree with you all the time. They are helping you to grow. If someone agrees with you all the time, they are irrelevant.
3. Problems are designed for your growth.
4. Einstein said, “You cannot solve problem on the same level in which they are entered.” There has to be growth in order for problems to be eliminated.
5. You have to invite other people into your circle that are on a greater level than you.
6. If someone is better that you, don’t be intimidated by them, be motivated by them.
7. Excellence pays attention to the details. The smallest actions often say the most.
8. Winston Churchill said, “Mountains inspire leaders, but valley’s mature them.
9. It amazing how we all live under the same sky, but we don’t see the same horizon.
10. If you don’t wake up excited, it is a sign that you have plateaued in some area of your life.
11. You can’t TURN UP unless you know what you can turn into.
To live any TRUTH you need
1. A revelation of that TRUTH



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