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Black Women Who Want MORE…..blog Rosepetals: What Is That Smell ???? It’s your attitude. Your attitude is like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks infection has crept into your heart. – Martina Mitchell As the Founder of a group of women with over 1600 0ffline members, I must tell you that I am often amazed and heartbroken by our lack of love for each other as sisters. I often hear women make statements like “I cant stand being around a bunch of women” “Women cant do business together, there is always a lot of drama” “My friends are men, women cant be trusted”. It drives me crazy. Why ? Because we are NURTURERS ! by Nature. We will nurture a MAN through mistreatment, abuse, bad behavior, addiction, cheating. We will forgive a man 70 times 7, but where is the love for our sisters ? Whenever I host an event I greet each woman with a Hug. Open arms, a smile. You would be SURPRISED at how many women are taken aback by a HUG from a stranger. How many women are overwhelmed by our openness and the way that we share our hearts with total strangers. Why is there such a Lack of love and trust among Black Women ?? Why do we size each other up and judge upon first sight ? “Her hair ain’t real” “she is so stuck up” “she ain’t all that”..? Why ? Our mind jumps to critique and compare ourselves with one another. Ladies, you CREATE the atmosphere with your attitude !! What do you bring to your encounters with other women ? Defensiveness ? Over sensitivity ? Selfishness ? Closed body language ? Distrust ? Unfriendliness ?……You CREATE the atmosphere ! We bring strangers together all of the time at our events and I tell you I need a sledge hammer to break the ICE sometimes ! Women often ask me “How do I start A Chapter in my City” ? Do you know the real reason why we don’t have MORE chapters of this organization ? We cant find women to LEAD with the right SPIRIT….Women who truly have the warmth and the LOVE and the patience. Ladies it takes LOVE. Supernatural LOVE to lead and guide large groups of women. We cut each other with our brokenness. Our attitude can stink up a whole room and change the atmosphere. I have been blessed recently with some beautiful SPIRITS…who are guiding and leading 9 chapters in 8 states. Women who are positive and loving and kind…but I cant tell you how RARE that is in these times where we call each other BITCHES and curse each other out at the drop of a hat. Sisters, we NEED each other. We need to UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE ! When you get into the company of POSITIVE women who LOVE you for who you are…it changes your LIFE !! Our recent cruise was an example of Love and Respect among sisters. There was so much love, encouragement and genuine support. No complaints, no gossip, no fighting….no attitudes. The few who were negative were MISERABLE…overshadowed by the Positive ! No profanity…vulgarity or rudeness. Sisterhood at its best. Black Women Who Want MORE…it is time to create a SWEET FRAGRANCE. Time to change the atmosphere and it starts with YOU !……Take the time today to examine your heart…your spirit, and the way that you treat others. Together we can change LIVES….it begins with LOVE – Miss More Roses


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