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Conversation Piece

Having a great conversation is unique to everyone.  We all have something to say whether we agree or disagree. The main objective is to conduct a steady stream of words that matter.


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7 thoughts on “Conversation Piece

  1. I believe the key is for everybody to allow everyone to be who they are and add as they feel a need to and if it's a little or a great deal… that it all weighs the same and is respoected… sometimes when you are strong and there is another person who is equally or more in strenght as yourself… you may need to be the observer for that moment… to allow the conversation to flow without combat of words or views… we need to learn to enjoy life in all levels… observing or participating and not to think one is lesser than the other

  2. conversation is like two cars on the same road going the same direction and at times one road with each car facing each other… in order to get to the final destination… one must move and the other yield… yield in life… so you can get to your destination… and don't look at yielding as a weakness… but the strenght to allow another person to opportunity to get to their destination also… for if we do not yield their will be a crash… and their will be those who will injured… and nobody wants to injure a person… not really… maybe at the time of the incident/conversation… but when it's all said and done… eveybody just want to get to their destination unharmed and understood.

  3. Who is in control of you?

  4. On thing that is always true. Everyone has the gift of self-determination to do what ever he or she chooses to do. We often times find ourselves thinking and walking on auto pilot. When this position of thinking over comes us, we loose control. This is when the marketing tools of society market toward our materialistic values. Which in turn control the consumers thinking. Wake up everyone and control your destiny.

  5. I saw this blog site a year ago but never pushed myself to get anything started. Well, you did it. I created one as well. I write from the perspective of fatherhood and life. Growth whether spiritual or maturity is a process. One of the great lessons in life is to recognize this simple and yet complex concept. Businesses bank on million dollar marketing campaigns in order for us not to understand this concept. You see, personal growth equates with independent thinking which is a factor that big companies do not like. Buy this but don't buy that with little or no facts combined with smoke and mirrors. For example, General Motors new electric cars. What electric cars?http://reggiebrowne.blogspot.com

  6. We all have our strengths. I'm finding some great resources, etc. One of the sites that seems like it's focused on making things better is idealist.org. They're starting a way to connect your community interests with other, like-minded people. Check it out.

  7. Thinking about where do I fit in,in this world. What is my true calling? The great thing of all is,I will figure this out before the fat lady sings……

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